what im all about. . .

You're probably here because you want your photos to capture those raw emotions. 

Not really into those cheesy, overly posed shots? me either!

Basically, I want your photos to feel just like you. I want your personalities to shine through them. & I want your friends and family to freak out a little when they see them!

It's about how you feel in those moments, your outfits you only get to wear once, to the text you get from me of your sneak peek, to excitedly sending them to your family and friends, and even to 10 years later when you're showing your kids how madly in love you were with each other! 

It all started a few years ago when I wasn’t a wedding photographer because I was in your shoes. I was planning my own wedding and couldn’t wait for that special day to get here! But along with the excitement came the stress of planning a whole wedding. We were also dealing with the stress of trying to please everyone around us, so we decided to take it down a notch and just elope! We still had our immediate family there to celebrate and of course some amazing vendors and a photographer that made the whole process less stressful so we could focus on the more fun and exciting parts of planning and celebrating! The experience that our wedding photographer gave us during the planning and wedding day process was what inspired me to focus on wedding photography exclusively. It’s wonderful to be able to capture sweet memories for couples and also give them a great experience that they will never forget!

Get to know me

My photographs are candid and have a more natural feel rather than posed because I want your wedding and engagement photos to bring out your personality as a couple. I want you to look back at these precious memories and see nostalgic and sentimental imagery that was carefully crafted by me for you! My work is for couples that value authenticity and want to see their unique love story shine through their wedding photographs.

When I don’t have a camera in my hands, I am probably with my family. I married my best friend back in 2018 and since then we have acquired three dogs and two baby boys. On the rare occasion that I get some free time, I love to crochet and make digital art for fun. I even have a little etsy shop where I sell some digital art things I’ve created. I see myself as an artist and a romantic. I have always searched for ways to express my creativity. This is a reason that photography and love come hand in hand for me. Photographing couples in their most emotional moments has become such a passion of mine. On your wedding day, I may have to hold back tears at certain times, but I'll also be one of the biggest fans of your love story. I do not take being your wedding photographer lightly and am truly honored to be chosen for that role!

fun facts

1. I love Jesus! My faith is so important to me.

2. I have three rescue dogs: Luna, Willow & Penny Lane.

3. Some hobbies I enjoy are crochet, cooking & digital art.

4. I’m a mom to two awesome boys!

5. I love psychology and learning about other people's personalities!

6. I’m a huge romantic & love me some Taylor Swift music!

We work together as a team! 

I don't serve you like any other vendor will. I take our relationship seriously and personally! In my experience, the magic happens when everyone is comfortable with each other and has a genuine friendship. You don't need to already know me because I know we will become fast friends!